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At my school we just started Intervention grouping with our firsties. During this time we work on phonics and we are currently working on long A.  I have an EL group of first graders for intervention.  I have been racking my brain for some good ideas to use with them to learn how to read long vowels.  And then it hit me….do a variation of word ladders with them.

We started with a paper that had 4 boxes at the top and handwriting lines below.  I gave them the first word to spell which was race.  They used the letter tiles to build race and then recorded it on their sheet.  The next word was lace so I told them to change race to lace.  They started to see how changing one letter caused to word to be different but still rhyme.  That was one variation that you could do with your students.

I have a pretty high EL group during this time so I wanted to make it more challenging.  I started giving a variation of clues.  For example, I woke up ____ for school.  The word they had before was gate so they had to figure out the missing word and figure out how to change gate to late.  I also drew pictures on the board to give them the next clue.  There are many different things you can do with this game.  It really helped my kids and they were very motivated.  They also had to listen carefully.

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