Wishlist Sale! Word Families Bundle 50% off.

I am teaming up with some wonderful teacher bloggers again for a Wishlist Sale.  It is sponsored by Tamara of Mrs. Russell’s Room.

How it Works

We looked at a list of our most wish listed products.  We are putting each product on sale for a day.



My Wish List Sale Item today is my…..



Word Families Bundle

Short Vowels Edition

It is 50 percent off and you can snag it today only for 7.50.



 This is a bundled packet of all of my short vowel packets. It is over 500 pages and includes 31 word families that are listed below. Each word family comes with the contents listed below. Enjoy! Follow my store by clicking the red star to find out about more upcoming products in this series.

Word Families

Short a- at ab ad am ap ag an ack and

Short e- ed en et est ell

Short i- in it ip ig ill id

Short o- ock ot op ob og

Short u- ut uck um ub ug un


Each word family packet has 15 activities included:

Mini Book

Homework Practice

Making Words

Flip Book

Word Search

Word Family Writing

Fill in the Blank Sentences

Read the Room

Classwork Practice

Adding Beginning Sounds

Flash Cards/ Word Wall Cards

Spelling List

Spelling Test Paper

Word Sort

Circle Map


Click here to download at the -at word family packet for free to try it out with your class!!!




I will be using this with kiddos this year again and they really love it!


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