What a day!!!

I feel like I have been neglecting my poor little blog.  I have been watching the counter on the side and I am at 299 followers.  I need one more to have part 2 in my big giveaway.  I hope it happens really soon.  I am so happy because it is a short week this week.  I have a workshop tomorrow and I am glad to be off for the rest of the week.  We will be traveling to my hometown for Thanksgiving.  I cannot wait to see my mommy, daddy, and sisters.  I will also see many more family members.  I just love the holidays.  I cannot wait to stuff my face with so much food.  I did a 5K yesterday and I plan on running today.  I will run tomorrow and do a class at the YMCA.  All these things make me feel better about eating so much holiday food.  I think I am mostly looking forward to some ham, mac n cheese, greens, and lasagna.  I cannot wait!!!  I need to start packing right away.

So technically today was my last day with my kiddos because I wont see them tomorrow.  We had a fun day!  We made Pilgrim hats using a pattern from my Thanksgiving Mini Unit. They turned out great.


We also did 2 activities from Kimberlee Fulbright over at Two Fulbright Hugs. Check them out below!

Ten Frame Turkey Tasks

And here is her blog button so you can visit!

Also my wonderful coworker told us about this activity!



We also made I am Thankful turkeys with a pattern from my Thanksgiving Mini Unit.



I also borrowed some Nooks from the library.  The kids played math and literacy apps on them.  They do really well with technology.



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