Technology Tip Tuesday and a Freebie

I am still linking up with Blog Hoppin .  Today is Technology Tuesday.

I was unsure what to put for Technology Tips Tuesday.  I decided to list one of my favorite websites.  I hope you find it useful.

 K-5 Math Teaching Resources

This is a great website for math resources for grades k-5.  I found out about it at a training this summer.  It will be my go to sight for implementing math tasks.  We have been asked as a school to start doing these at every grade level.  I would love to know if anyone else has any good resources for math tasks.

And here’s the freebie!  We will be starting our weather unit in science next week.  I decided to introduce the weather kit by doing a weekly graph this week.  The kids are loving it because they are able to predict the weather for the next day.  They are so happy when they have it right. ENJOY!!!

Click Here to download my Weekly Weather Graph!!!

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