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I am teaming up with some great teacher bloggers to bring you a

blog hop featuring one of my best selling products. I want to give

you a closer look and a FREEBIE to try out with your class.

I wanted to give you a closer look at my spelling unit and a freebie from my

I Know My Words for the Week” packet. This is a 40 week unit that helps

your students learn important phonics skills.

I am very excited about this pack!!! It is going to make your life a whole lot easier and once you buy your phonics lessons for the entire year are done!!! All you have to do is print and go!!!

You will get A Year’s Worth of Weekly Word Lists and Printables to learn Phonics Spelling Patterns (540 PAGES)

Exciting Facts about this Unit
40 word lists with 10 words each
Gives time to go back and review important phonics skills
Interactive and Engaging
Helps students to be able to decode words when they are reading
Suggested Lesson plan and pacing included

Specifics of this Unit
Each week you will get word wall cards, recording sheet, sort, interactive notebook page, word work, word building, and a spelling assessment along with up to 15 printables that can be use to organize your own schedule for these phonics lessons.


Week 1
Short a at
Week 2
Short a an/ap
Week 3
Short a am/ad/ag
Week 4
Short i it/in
Week 5
Short i ip/ig
Week 6
Short i ix/im/ib/id
Week 7
Short o ot/og
Week 8
Short o op/ob
Week 9
Short o ox/op/od/on/om
Week 10
Short u ug/ut
Week 11
Short u um/up/uck/ud
Week 12
Short u un/us/ub/ump
Week 13
Short e en/et
Week 14
Short e ed/eb/eg/em
Week 15
Short Vowels a/e/i/o/u short vowel words review
Week 16
Long a long a, silent e
Week 17
Long a long a, silent e
Week 18
Long o long o, silent e
Week 19
Long o long o, silent e
Week 20
Long i long i, silent e
Week 21
Long i long i, silent e
Week 22
Long u long u, silent e
Week 23
Long Vowels a/i/o/u long vowel
silent e words review
Week 24
Long a ai/ay
Week 25
Long e ee/ea
Week 26
Long e ie/ey
Week 27
Long e y
Week 28
Long i ie/y
Week 29
Long i igh
Week 30
Long o ow/oa
Week 31
Long u ue/ew
Week 32
Long Vowels long vowel patterns review
Week 33
R-controlled ar/or
Week 34
R-controlled er/ir/ur
Week 35
R-controlled r-controlled vowels review 
Week 36
Diphthongs oi/oy
Week 37
Diphthongs ou/ow
Week 38
Vowel Digraphs oo
Week 39
Vowel Digraphs aw/au
Week 40
Vowel Digraphs diphthongs and vowel digraphs review

Here is a Freebie from the unit that can be used with any spelling list!!!

Click the picture!!!

And now my Teacher Blogging friend Jessica is

going to give you a closer look at one

of her best sellers!

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