Reading Comprehension Strategies in Social Studies

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I wanted to share about using the reading comprehension strategies during
social studies. You can find my last post about Social Studies Interactive read
alouds HERE!  I will be sharing a reading comprehension strategies page
that you can use to plan any social studies read aloud.  It also includes
sentence and question stems for each comprehension strategy.  This can be
used with the Social Studies Interactive read aloud
planning page
.  Did I mention it was a
FREEbie? Well…it is!

 Reading Comprehension Strategies

Let’s look at the six reading comprehension strategies more closely.  The six reading comprehension strategies include making connections, visualizing, questioning, determining importance, predicting, and analyzing.  You can use the pictures below to gain more knowledge about these six comprehension strategies.  In future blog posts, I will explore each strategy separately.

See it in Action

    Here is an example of how I used the book A Chair for My Mother as an interactive read aloud using the questioning strategy to help students deepen their understanding on the social studies content for economics including needs, wants, saving, and spending.  The plan I did using the planning template is below as well.

Reading Comprehension Strategies and Question/Sentence Stems

 This free resource is perfect to use as you plan out your interactive read alouds.  Take a look at the picture below and download HERE!

Are you looking for more books to use in social studies???

One of my favorite books right now is Some Times People March by Tessa Allen.

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