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I was also paired with Katie Knight over at Teacher to the Core.

Here is her wonderful blog!!!

Teacher to the Core

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Katie has a wonderful unit on Ecology that will teach kids all about the Earth and how to take care of it.  It is called Easy Ecology: Common Core Informational Text, Test, Art, and More for Earth Day.  The kids will get to be “Planet Protectors”.  My kids were so engaged with this unit and really learned how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Here are a few highlights from the unit!!!

Student Mini Book-  This mini book features all the vocabulary that goes hand in hand with ecology.  We learned big words such as conserve, ecology, reduce, ruse, and recycle.  This is an interactive mini book so the students were able to complete it as we learned about ecology and Earth.


Ecology Tree Map- We used this to record ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.



Helping/Hurting the Earth Quiz-  After we learned all about Ecology.  We took a fun quiz about things that help the Earth and things that hurt the Earth.  Here is a sample of the 12 questions that the students were asked.  They recorded their answers on the recording sheet.





Earth Day Word Work- We had a lot of fun practicing our weekly spelling words by writing them in pencil, pen, and marker.




Earth Day Craftivities-  We love craftivities in my room.  I had half of the students tell about redusing electricity and the other half told about reducing water.  Here are some samples below.  They loved it!!!









Planet Protector Certificate- At the end of the unit they were rewarded these and they were overjoyed.





I just loved Katie’s Unit.  And my kids did too!!!


You can find it here on TPT!!!


Easy Ecology: Common Core Informational Text, Test, Art, a

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