Plant Activities and Ideas plus a FREEBIE!

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I am so excited to talk about plants today.  Teaching students about plants was always one of my favorite topics to teach.  It is so much fun to teach students how to plant a seed and watch it grow. 

Today my goal is to share some activities that will help you engage your students in all things plants. This post will be broken into four sections: building knowledge, engaging activities, student practice, and a FREEBIE!

Building Knowledge

A great way to build knowledge about a topic is through exposure to books and videos. One of my favorite books to read during plants week is Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.

When I taught Kindergarten, this was always one of my favorite plant books. It is a great story about a mother and child that plant a rainbow of flowers in their family garden.  This book is great for teaching colors, plant life cycle, and seasons.

Extension Activity:  You could have each student color a flower in their favorite color.  Then, take all the flowers to make a class rainbow garden.  This is perfect for a spring bulletin board titled “Mrs./Ms./Mr. ____’s Class Planted a Rainbow!”

Another great book is The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants by Kay Barnham.  This book is great for helping students understand the plant life cycle.

Extension Activity:  It is a great idea to have students orally tell the life cycle of a plant.  Give students sentence stems to assist them. For example: The first step in the plant life cycle is _____.

A great video that gets students super excited is this sped-up video of plant growth.  This particular video shows the growth over a 25-day cycle.

Another great video for the plant life cycle!  Make sure to pause the video and ask questions to keep students engaged.

Engaging Activities

My Favorite Flower- Allow students to research different flowers.  They could even prepare informational posters.  Another idea is to have them pick their favorite flower and write about it.  They can write in their journal or use the template below found HERE!

Sequencing the Stages of the Life Cycle- Allow students to use pictures of the plant life cycle and sequence them in the correct order.  If you need pictures, you can grab them HERE in my plants unit.

Student Practice

If you are looking for print-and-go activities for your students, feel free to check out my Plants Unit by clicking HERE!  Look at the pictures to see more about the unit.  These are great for student practice!


If you got to this section of this post, you are in for a treat.  Knowing the plant parts is so important.  You can use the FREEBIE below for students to label the plant parts.  Click HERE or the image below.  Make sure to have a discussion about the role of each plant part.  I hope you enjoy!!  If you use it, please take a pic or story and tag me on Instagram at @flyingintolearning.

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