My Fantabulous Brain!

Books that help students to understand real-life issues that they face are so important!  Julia Cook writes awesome books that do just that!!! Her newest book is My Fantabulous Brain that helps students to understand that they do not have to struggle alone.  She encourages students to “take the t out of can’t and the don’t out of I don’t know”. This book is perfect for students and kids who struggle with schoolwork and different activities that are hard for them to do. You can go to to get more info on this great book. You can also vist the IG and FB page of the National Center for Youth Issues.  @nationalcenterforyouthissues 

And Guess what! I have two books to giveaway. You can win one for you and one for a friend! All you need to do is follow @nationalcenterforyouthissues and like the picture and tag a friend to enter as well! Good luck! You can find the giveaway on my IG and Facebook page.

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