Maps, Globes, and Our World plus a FREEBIE!!!

Hey Sweet Friends!

I am so excited!!!! I am on FALL BREAK!!!  This came at the best time because I was needing a break to catch up on my life! lol  

When we go back I plan on teaching about Christopher Columbus and Maps and Globes.

I am super proud of my newest unit that covers many skills that go along with Maps and globes.

Look at some pictures below and check out my table of contents.

At the end you will see a 2 page FREEBIE from the unit just for you!!! Enjoy!!!

Also head over to my facebook page to enter a giveaway to win this unit!!!  Click the image below!!!

Table of Contents

Pg. 2-13 Posters for teaching and vocabulary

Pg. 14 Vocabulary Chart

Pg. 15-18 word wall cards, write the room cards, etc

Pg 19 write the room recording sheet

Pg 20 What is a Globe? Mini book

Pg 21 What is a map? Mini book

Pg 22-25 Globe craftivity (patterns and writing piece)

Pg 26 Sorting Maps and Globes

Pg 27-28 KWL charts for maps and globes

Pg 29-30 Tree Maps for Maps and Globes

Pg 31-33 Tree map anchor chart labels

Pg 34-35 direction cards for classroom

Pg 36 sort it out using the facts about maps and globes

Pg 37 parts of a map

Pg 38 picture this vocabulary match

Pg 39 map skills practice

Pg 40-42 Facts about Maps, globes, and create your own

Pg 43-44 writing paper (all lines)

Pg 45-46 writing paper (picture space and lines)

Pg 47-49 Bubble maps for maps, globes, and create your own

Pg 50-52 Circle Maps for maps, globes, and create your own

Pg 53 types of maps bubble map

Pg 54 double bubble map maps and globes

Pg 55 I can label a globe

Pg 56 I can label a map

Pg 57 The 7 Continents

Pg 58-59 My State

Pg 60-61 Map key symbols and matching symbols printable

Pg 62 Create your own town

Pg 63-64 compass rose and directions

Pg 65 North Pole, South Pole, and Equator

Pg 66-68 Make your own map for classroom, bedroom, and create your own

Pg 69 Where I live and My Address

Pg 70-79 Me on the Map Flipbook

Just for you….2 pages from the unit!!!

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