Literacy Centers Blog Hop

I am a new blogger and I wanted to try this blog hop feature. I am going to be starting my literacy centers at the beginning of September and I need many ideas. I am a second year first grade teacher. I could really use some great ideas and hopefully you can find something helpful to use in your room through this bog hop. Go ahead and link up….Here’s what you will want to tell everyone!

1. what grade you are in

2. when do you start your literacy centers

3. advice for teaching students the procedures in centers

4. share a tip about literacy centers in your classroom

As for me….

1. I’m in first grade.

2. I want to start at the beginning of September.

3. I need some! HELP!

4. I use a center wheel chart and everyday I just turn the wheel for each group to see what center they are in.

I would love to meet more bloggers! Link up!

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