Let’s Get Acquainted and a FREEBIE!!!

Hi everyone.  I am super duper late getting this up.  I am so lazy.  Anyways I hope you will still link up throughout the week.



TOPIC – Skittles Game


Here is the code:

Red- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Orange- Favorite Memory from College

Yellow- Favorite Sports Team

Green- Favorite Fast Food Place

Purple- Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)



My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. I know it is boring but you just cant go wrong with a vanilla cone! 🙂



My favorite memory from college is living in the dorms.  It was a lot of fun to be down the hall from my friends.  It was easy to go visit and not have to drive.  We loved hanging in each other’s rooms.  I really do miss it. 



My favorite sports team is the Boston Celtics.  I am not a fan of Miami or the Lakers. Sorry. lol



mmmmmm……. I would have to say Wendy’s.  I love their burgers, salads, chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, etc. I grew up eating lots of wendys.



I am thinking about getting my first pet ever in life.  I want a dog.  What kind should I get?


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Click here to view a freebie page from my Morning work packet for Common Core Math!!!  I will be using it with my kiddos in the fall.






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