Let’s Get Acquainted: Advice for New Teachers

Hi all! 



I cannot believe I only have 1 week left before I go back to school.  Im still in shock.  How much time do you have left?



Anyways…. It is that time again.  It is time to get acquainted with fellow teacher bloggers.





Topic- Advice for New Teachers



This week we will share great advice for the new teachers out there.  I was in there shoes six years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. 


Fill out this template and explain your template.

You can copy and paste this into MS word or PowerPoint and use textboxes to complete.


Here’s the blank copy.




And here’s mine!





I love love LOVE my set of classroom mailboxes.  The students put their daily folders in their mail slot at the beginning of each day.  I put their handouts and grades in their as well.


Pacon Classroom Mailbox, 15 Slots




Make sure to prepare ahead of time.  it only makes your life easier.  I try to gather up all of my materials for the next day before I leave school each day.  I also type plans for the next week during my planning hour.  This helps to keep me from planning during the weekend and getting behind. 




It is so important to be on time.  You most definitely should get to work on time!  But there is also being on time to drop kids off to specials or being on time to pick kids up from lunch.  Everyone works on a schedule and if one person doesn’t follow, it can throw off everyone.  I would suggest giving an extra five minutes for everything just to make sure you are on time.  You will get judged as a new teacher.  In other words “People talk”.  You do not want the rep for being tardy all of the time.




I would suggest finding a teacher mentor at your school.  It is important to have a person that you can go to for help and to get answers from.  I can remember asking so many questions.  I had a mentor teacher that was able to help me out a lot.  I would find a buddy that is on my team, a new teacher buddy, and just be friendly and meet all the people at your school.



I made so many mistakes my first year.  You just have to laugh at yourself and keep going.  Although this is my 7th year I am still nervous and will probably still make mistakes.




It seems like everyday we get called to a meeting or there is a schedule change.  It takes a lot of flexibility to change around your plans and do something else.



So now it is your turn to give some advice to new teachers.  Please visit the posts of others!

Happy SUNDAY!!



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