Hi everyone!!!

I am so excited for the upcoming holiday!!! I will be traveling to my hometown to spend the holiday with my family.  While I am down there I will be going to some of the sales starting on Thanksgiving.  Yeh….I know….Im crazy….haha!!!  But it is so worth it to get some great deals.  

We are in school 2 days this week and I am excited!!!  We are going to have 2 days of review because we have learned a lot this month!!!  What are you doing this week with your kiddos?

Anyways…I finally finished all 8 of my Phonics Task Cards units and I am super excited!!!

Stay tuned for a freebie example below so you can get a closer look!!!

Here is my pack stuffed with all of these phonics skills!!!

I have bundled all 8 of my phonics task cards to bring you a great packet including task cards, recording sheets, and printables.

-beginning and ending sounds

-short vowel word families

-short vowels

-long vowels




-r controlled vowels





Here is a freebie from the diphthongs pack!!!

I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great week!

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