GoNoodle Brain Breaks ROCK!!!

Hi Friends!!!!


Have you heard of GoNoodle???


It is a fabulous free site full of brain breaks for your students to do.  It tracks their progress and keeps them motivated to get them done.  I never worry anymore on days that is rainy.  We can’t go out for  recess but we can stay inside and do these fun brain breaks.


Sign up for GoNoodle by clicking on the button below!!!


GoNoodle classroom brain breaks.


All you need to do is sign up for a free account and you can start fun brain breaks with your own kiddos!



Here are some pictures of my class doing them.  Some friends were very shy but they quickly began to enjoy it.  We have already gotten to level 2 because of all the minutes we have completed.  My favorite brain break is the kids zumba videos.




If you use this with your class and love it, you can become a go noodle plus member and have access to even more brain breaks.



I also had a special visitor from the GoNoodle company to come to my school and drop off some goodies for us.  Here is what we got.  We got some really cool pencils but I couldnt get the picture to load.




Here I am with my GoNoodle shirt on!!! So excited!!!






Before you go….Dont forget to check out our group post about GoNoodle over at Primary Chalkboard.  There is a premium
version available in our giveaway on the Primary Chalkboard Blog.  

You can click on our header to go to the post!!!



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