Getting Ready for the New School Year

I have been very busy at my school over the last couple of weeks. I have been working so hard to prepare my classroom for my new sweet kiddos.  I am so happy that I decided to go with a theme this year.  I am doing the hollywood movies theme.  I have made so many different things for my classroom and you can click on my TPT link to get them.  Some are even freebies!! I have not taken any pictures yet but they will be coming really soon!! 

I had been trying to think of a theme for most of the summer.  Some of my choices were Bakery(Cupcake) Theme, Ocean Theme, and Rock N Roll Theme.  I just felt like I could be really creative with the movie theme and I decided on it.  I second guessed my self so much though.  My coworker was there to keep me on track.  We went to the teacher store and I saw the cutest little record cut outs for the rock n roll theme.  I almost lost it in the store but she reminded that I needed to stick with what I had because I had already bought a lot.  I was almost tempted. 

All in all I am very excited and thrilled with the theme I chose.  I cannot wait to be finished with everything.I will be going tomorrow on a Saturday  🙁  to keep working hard.   I will take pictures to put on here. 

Coming Soon!!!

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