Flying into Second Grade and Win my latest Decor pack!!!!!

Happy Saturday Friends! 


SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!  My last day of school was Tuesday.  I’m so happy!


Long time since I last posted.  Since I last posted I have packed up my first grade classroom.  I moved everything to my new classroom which is a portable.  I was in a portable my first year with kindergarten so I know I will be ok.  I will be blogging about it though.  We have 22 portables so we call it being in portable land lol.  Anyways…I have unpacked everything and got everything set up for next year.  I still have some things to put on the wall but for the most part its done.  I will not have a ton to do when I go back. 




Did I mention that my new classroom is for second grade!!!  I am looping with my entire class and I am thrilled.  I think it will be an interesting experience.  I have never taught second but I am excited for the challenge.  So now I’m wondering should I change my blog to Flying into Second.  What do you all think?



I made a Décor pack yesterday that includes 222 pages of goodies for you to use in your room.  If you would like to win just leave me a comment with your email and 1 lucky person will win this pack!!!


Have a great weekend!!!

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