Fabulous Teaching Products from Oriental Trading

One of my favorite companies is Oriental Trading.  They have so many great things to buy from their site.  I have bought decor items, party supplies, treasure chest goodies, graduation keepsakes, etc.  You name it….I bought it.  I was so happy to review some of their awesome products.

Before I begin my review I just want to mention a disclosure that I received these product samples in exchange for an honest review.

Oriental Trading has become my go to store for awesome teaching products.  I will be reviewing some great products that have been a great help in my classroom so far.

Product #1- All about My School Posters

I really loved these giant sized posters.  They measure 22 inches by 17 inches.  My kiddos thought that was so cool.  The poster has a space for each child’s name, school name and address, principal name, school rules, a picture, and more.  It was the perfect way to spark my students interest in our school.  There were 30 posters in the pack.

Product #2 – Book Worm Spacers

I really liked these and so did my kids.  We are using these anytime we write to space between our words.  They truly help them to remember to space between words.  In the past I have always used craft sticks as spacers but these are so much more fun.  The pack came with 24.  They are also super sturdy.

Product #3 – Busy Bee Reading Comprehension Sticks

I have been using these sticks with any book we read.  They are great for my guided reading groups as well.  They are very sturdy and come with 3 sets of each question.  I have some by my guided reading table, in my reading center, and with my whole group supplies.

Product #4 – Story Building Learning Charts

When I saw these…..I had to have them.  They go great with my movie theme classroom.  The posters have important skill reminders for students to use when writing.  They are helping my kids brainstorm ideas and produce great writing pieces.  The pack comes with 5 posters.  I laminated them and they look great!!!

The rest of the products I have been using in my room during literacy centers.

Product #5 – Build-A-Story Flip books

These have been working great in my writing center.  The students flip to build a story by choosing a character, setting, event, and conclusion.  My students have written some funny stories in their center.  There are 4 books included in this pack.

Product #6 – Sight Word Phrases Flip Book Set

I have put these in my sight words center.  These flip books really help students to become fluent as they read these important sight words.  I can already tell a difference as they read one on one with me.

Product #7 – Homework Folders with Touch Fasteners

I am using these to put my recording sheets in for my centers.  They are very sturdy and I love the easy velcro closing.  It is easy for the students to use and keeps my papers nice and neat!!!

Product #8 – Word Family Readers

I have these perfect little readers in my phonics center.  There are 20 readers provided for 20 different word families.  My students love reading them.  I have them to list all of the words on a recording sheet after they read a book.

Product #9- Long Vowel Picture and Word Match

We have just started studying long vowels this week.  We played this game at the end of the week.  The students had to match the words to the pictures.   This is a great game for guided reading.  It worked so well with a small group and we had tons of fun.  We will play this game this week too!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my review of these awesome products!!! I was so pleased with everything and I am still finding useful ways to use these products.  Thanks to Oriental Trading and Julie Adams for this opportunity!!!

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