Classroom Tour – Bulletin Boards

I am still getting my room together for our first day on Wednesday.  I took some pictures of my new bulletin boards.  I am so happy about my Hollywood theme. Here is a tour of my boards so far:

Word Wall

This was not an easy task.  I was trying my best to get the fabric

to look even and decent.  I love the metallic red and gold.  I think it looks glamorous! THis is the focal point of my room.  I read about this on The Clutter Free Teacher blog.

Calendar Board

I love it so much!!! I had to be so creative to have a movie themed calendar.  I made the month headers, seasons cards, calendar numbers, yesterday/today/tomorrow, and days of the week cards (which are available in my TPT store).  You can click on the TPT link on the right of my blog.   The spotlights and red carpet sign came from the Hollywood set made by Carson Dellosa.  The border is from Creative Teacher Press and I used red fabric that I got from Joann.  The calendar, weather graph, and weather wheel came from my old calendar set.  I bordered each piece with border to match the pieces I made.  I love the end product and I am so happy to have a movie themed calendar.

Writing Wall

This is where I will post each monthly writing assessment for each student.  You can get the August freebie in my TPT store.  If you like that one you can get the entire set for the rest of the year including a writing rubric also in my TPT store.

100th Day of School Board

This entire summer has been spent with me searching for everything popcorn and movie in every store or website I looked at.  I found the set online and had to have it.  When I went to Atlanta, I stopped at there teacher store and they had it.  I was happy to not have to pay for shipping.  It is so cute.  There is a numbered popcorn for each number up to 100.  I cant wait to count down the days.

Birthday Board

I was trying to be very creative with this one.  I saw the paper sacks at Publix a month earlier and did not buy them.  I couldn’t think of any reason to use them in my room.  Then last week I got inspiration from my coworker who used gift sacks for birthday board.  I am happy with the end product.  I will type the birthdays up for each month and glue them on the corresponding  bag.

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