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So happy to be participating in this wonderful blog hop again.  I hope you will get many BRIGHT ideas as you hop along.




Topic: Ordering Numbers on a 100’s Chart




Idea #1


Use that rug to help students visualize the placement of numbers.  I started with one number and students had to use what they knew to figure out where the other numbers went.  We used one more, one less, ten more, and ten less skills to complete the game.  Here are some pictures below!!  They had so much fun!!!







Idea #2


We used a blank grid with only one number on it.  They worked with a partner during small group time to figure out how to put the numbers in the correct order.  They all wanted to get done first.  It was so funny  but engaging!! Check out the pics!!!





I hope you can use these two ideas with your own kiddos!!!


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Mrs Wheelers First Grade



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