5 for Friday

This has been an awesome week!!!  Here is my recap of 5 events from the week.







It was my birthday week!!!  My birthday was yesterday and I had a great time.  I celebrated 3 times yesterday with my first grade team, some more coworkers, and a host of good friends.  It was the big 3-0 for me. Here are a few pics.








You can register for a giveaway over at Primary Chalkboard to win a premium membership to Go Noodle.  It is a site full of brain breaks for students.  It is so much fun!!! 


Check out my post below by clicking on my GoNoodle picture!




Click the GoNoodle button below to go register for your own free account!




Click the Primary Chalkboard pic below to enter the giveaway!!!


 All the Chalkies




My family visited me for Easter.  We went shopping and ate a lot.  I enjoyed spending time with my niece.





I went to a mini blogger meet up with some fabulous bloggers!






I posted a freebie that you can get by clicking below!!!



Photo: Sweet synonyms project!!!!



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